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from the 14th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias Pathophysiology & Therapy
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We are pleased to provide complimentary and unlimited access to the on-demand video library from the 14th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias. The presentation format consists of synched audio and video, along with the presenters slides.

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Enjoy this web-based version of the 2019 symposium, which captures the live case, lectures, debates, and interactive panel discussions from the past symposium.

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Session I

New Concepts in Risk Stratification

Moderators: David Callans, MD, Sami Viskin, MD

Changing Paradigms in SCD
Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD

Redefining Sudden Cardiac Death: Insights from the San Francisco POST SCD Study
Zian Tseng, MD

Racial Differences in SCD Risk
Rajat Deo, MD

SCD in Mitral Valve Prolapsel
Haris Haqqani, MBBS, PhD

Sudden Death Risk in Patients with PVCs
Daniele Muser, MD

Panel Discussion

Session II


Moderators: Paolo Della Bella, MD, Vivek Reddy, MD

Ablation in NICM: Impact of Substrates and Genetics
Katja Zeppenfeld, MD

Intramural Ablation
William Sauer, MD

Layered Epicardial/MR Negative Scar in RV and LV Cardiomyopathy
Francis Marchlinski, MD

Voltage Mapping at Initial NICM Presentation to Predict Outcome and Guide Therapy
David Frankel, MD

Timing of Transplant After Successful VT Ablation – Important Considerations
Anjali Owens, MD

Panel Discussion

Session III

VF Ablation

Moderators: Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD, William Stevenson, MD

Phenotype Classification of VF Associated with Structurally Normal Hearts
Michel Haïssaguerre, MD

Ablation of PVC Triggered VF
Samuel Asirvatham, MD

Polymorphic VT in Coronary Heart Disease
Sami Viskin, MD

Endocardial Mapping and Ablation of VF
David Krummen, MD

Induction of VF During PES, Non-random Patterns?
Timm Dickfeld, MD, PhD

Panel Discussion

Live Case
Live Cases from Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD
Operators: David Callans, MD, Pasquale Santangeli, MD, PhD, Gregory Supple, MD, Fermin Garcia, MD, Jeffrey Arkles, MD, Ramanan Kumareswaran, MD, Robert Schaller, DO, Matthew Hyman, MD, PhD, David Lin, MD
Panel: Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD, Luigi Di Biase, MD, PhD, Vivek Reddy, MD, William Stevenson, MD, Paolo Della Bella, MD, Pierre Jais, MD

Session IV

Device Therapy

Moderators: Andrew Epstein, MD and Eric Prystowsky, MD

Natural History of Arrhythmias After ICD Implant: PARTITA Lessons
Paolo Della Bella, MD

Resynchronization with His and LV Pacing
Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD

Should DFT Testing be Required in S-ICD?
Michael Gold, MD, PhD

New Leadless ICD Technologies
Martin Burke, DO

Does Recovery of EF Preclude ICD Generator Replacement?
Sanjay Dixit, MD

PROTECT ICD Study: Programmed Stimulation Post MI
Pramesh Kovoor, MBBS, PhD

Panel Discussion

Session V

Physiology of VT

Moderators: David Callans, MD and Francis Marchlinski, MD

The Footprint Study: Evolution of Post MI VT Substrate
Antonio Berruezo, MD, PhD

Circuit Characteristics of Fast and Slow VT
Roderick Tung, MD

Role of His-Purkinje System in VT
John Miller, MD

Wavefront and Frequency Mapping in Post MI VT
Elad Anter, MD

VT Post MI: Where is the Parasympathetic Nervous System?
Marmar Vaseghi, MD, PhD

Panel Discussion

Session VI

Radioablation for VT

Moderators: Douglas Packer, MD and Vivek Reddy, MD

Epicardial Exit Sites May Not Localize VT Circuits
Eugene Downar, MD

Cardiac Radioablation: Lessons Learned
Phillip Cuculich, MD

Stereotactic Radiosurgery for VT
Josef Kautzner, MD, PhD

Proton Beam Ablation for VT/VF
Gerhard Hindricks, MD

Late Effects of Radiotherapy to the Heart! Beware
Andrea Natale, MD

Panel Discussion



Session VII

Challenges in the Treatment of PVCs/Idiopathic VT

Moderators:Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD and Francis Marchlinski, MD

Anatomic Considerations Re: LV Summit VT/VPDs
Fermin Garcia, MD

Mechanism of PVC Related Cardiomyopathy
Edward Gerstenfeld, MD

Usefulness of Local Impedance Measurements in Outflow Tract VT Ablation
Jesus Almendral, MD, PhD

Debate: Patients with High Burden PVCs and Normal EF Should Undergo Ablation
- Pro: David Callans, MD
- Con: G. Neal Kay, MD

Session VIII

Trials/Consortia Based Studies

Moderators: Jeffrey Winterfield, MD and Vivek Reddy, MD

Less VT Study – Goals and Enrollment
Andrea Natale, MD

Clinical Trials: Are We Asking the Right Questions?
David Wilber, MD

VANISH Substudies and VANISH 2
John Sapp, MD

Sarcoid Consortium
Frank Bogun, MD

Jason Bradfield, MD

LV Summit VT: Multicenter Registry
Fa-Po Chung, MD

MR Signature of VT Risk Post MI
Christian de Chillou, MD

Panel Discussion

Session IX

VT in Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy

Moderators: David Callans, MD and Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Basics of PET Imaging
Paco Bravo, MD

Is MVP an Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy?
Marc Miller, MD

Is Brugada Syndrome an Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy?
Pasquale Santangeli, MD, PhD

Debate: Ablation Should be Used for VT in the Inflammatory Phase of Cardiac Sarcoid
- Pro: Thomas Deneke, MD
- Con: Usha Tedrow, MD, MS

Panel Discussion

Third Annual Mark E. Josephson VT Innovation Award
Moderators: David Callans, MD, Francis Marchlinski, MD, Vivek Reddy, MD, Srinivas Dukkipati, MD and Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Session X

VT Ablation in Advanced Heart Failure

Moderators: Pasquale Santangeli, MD, PhD and Vivek Reddy, MD

Effectiveness of VT Ablation in Severe Heart Failure
Wendy Tzou, MD

ECMO Support for VT Ablation
Pasquale Vergara, MD, PhD

Prophylactic Surgical Ablation During LVAD Implantation
Gregory Supple, MD

VT Ablation in Patients with LVADs
William Stevenson, MD

Panel Discussion

Session XI

New Concepts for VT Imaging and Mapping

Moderators: David Callans, MD and Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Multicenter Study of CT Channel-based Ablation
Pierre Jais, MD

Value of MR Imaging in Recurrent VT Post Ablation
Frank Bogun, MD

Real-time MR for RF Lesion Characterization
Henry Halperin, MD, MA

Intersection of Physiology and Imaging
Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD

Rapid Automatic VT Localization
John Sapp, MD

ECG Imaging for Localizing VT
Harikrishna Tandri, MD

Panel Discussion

Session XII

New Ablation Technologies

Moderators: Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD and Francis Marchlinski, MD

Overview of New Technologies
David Haines, MD

Electroporation for Ventricular Ablation
Jacob Koruth, MD

SERF Ablation
Atul Verma, MD

Update on Bipolar Ablation
Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Lattice Tip Catheter Ablation
Vivek Reddy, MD

Panel Discussion

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