VT2020 On-Demand

VT2020 ON-DEMAND provides instant and unlimited access to the full library of 26-hour educational programming that was distributed through the Live Broadcast, October 8-10, 2020.

A special acknowledgement to the dedication and vision of the Program Directors, expertise of the world-renowned faculty, engagement of the global clinician community, and generous support of our Industry Partners, who have made Virtual VT2020 and VT2020 ON-DEMAND possible.

Amara Yad is a physician-led initiative with a single goal: to honor the victims of medical exploitation through corrective action.

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Heart Rhythm Disorders

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As its first act, Amara Yad will publish a new generation of open access anatomic atlases, of the highest quality that is free to all and to support the lifesaving mission of profession.

A Guide for Cardiac EP

Percutaneous Epicardial Interventions:
A Guide for Cardiac Electrophysiologists >>

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