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from 8th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias Pathophysiology & Therapy
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We are pleased to provide complimentary and unlimited access to the on-demand video library from 8th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias. The presentation format consists of synched audio and video, along with the presenters slides.

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Enjoy this web-based version of the 2013 symposium, which captures the live case, lectures, debates, and interactive panel discussions from the past symposium.

To view, click on the presentation titles listed below. Please Note: The videos from the 2013 symposium are not accredited for continuing medical education.


Francis Marchlinski, MD

Session I

Scientific Background Essentials for Understanding VT/VF

Moderator: - David Callans, MD

Anatomic and Electrical Substrate of Post-Infarction VT
Mark Josephson, MD

Influence of the Autonomic Nervous System on Ventricular Remodeling and Arrhythmias
Douglas Zipes, MD

Genetics/Informatics – Do They Influence Approach to Sudden Cardiac Death?
Gordon Tomaselli, MD

Gene Therapy for Post-Infarct VT
J. Kevin Donahue, MD

The Nature of VF: A Clinicians view of Basic Science
John Miller, MD

Panel Discussion: Focused Question: Prioritizing the Order of Basic Science EP Initiatives in the Era of Limited Funding Opportunities: What Should be Considered?

Session III

Imaging in VT/VF Patient

Moderator: Vivek Reddy, MD

Advanced Image Integration and Choice of Ablation Targets
Pierre Jais, MD

MRI Guided Intervention with Intra-procedural Imaging
Henry Halperin, MD

MR Imaging in VT patients: Issues, Findings of Importance
Harold Litt, MD, PhD

Correlation Between MR Imaging and Voltage Map Findings
Mathew Hutchinson, MD

Panel Discussion: Focused Question: Important Issues in Imaging and Clinical Electrophysiology That Should be Investigated

Session V

Various Topics Related to Ablation of VT

Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD

VT in the Setting of Chagas Disease
Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Ablation of Triggers for VF From Moderator Band/Papillary Muscle
Fermin Garcia, MD

Complications of VT Ablation
Josef Kautzner, MD

Session VII

Update on Ongoing Trials

Moderator: Vivek Reddy, MD

Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD and Marmar Vaseghi, MD

Vivek Reddy, MD

Paolo Della Bella, MD

David Wilber, MD

Panel Discussion: Focused Question: What Trials are Needed to Expand the Utility/ Success of VT Ablation and How do We Include NICM and Epicardial Ablation?

Healthcare Reform: The Practice of Medicine and EP
Richard Fogel, MD

Session IX

New Technology for VT Ablation

Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD

Contact Force Sensing
Paolo Della Bella, MD

Bipolar Ablation
Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Real Time Ultrasound Lesion Assessment
David Haines, MD

Photon Beam Ablation
Douglas Packer, MD

Panel Discussion: Focused Question: What are the Challenges and What Tools are Still Needed?


Session II

Device Therapy for VT/VF

Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD

Indications for S-ICD: What Studies Need to be Done?
Michael Gold, MD, PhD

What Studies are needed to Change CRT Implantation Criteria?
Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD

Evidence Based Indications for the Life Vest?
Andrew Epstein, MD

The ICD in Athletes Registry – Lessons Learned
David Cannom, MD

Panel Discussion: Focused Question: What is the Basis for Decrease in ICD Utilization?
Moderator – Alfred Buxton, MD

Live Cases with Panel Discussion – University of Pennsylvania Hospital
Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD

Hans Kottkamp, MD, John Miller, MD,
Vivek Reddy, MD, William Stevenson, MD

Sanjay Dixit, MD
Fermin Garcia, MD
Mathew Hutchinson, MD
David Callans, MD
Gregory Supple, MD
David Lin, MD
Robert Schaller, DO

Session IV

Intersection of Heart Failure and VT Therapy

Moderator: Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Can We Identify Reversible LV Dysfunction in the EP lab?
Francis Marchlinski, MD

VT in the Patient With Advanced Heart Failure: Whose Fault is it?
Lynne Warner Stevenson, MD

VT Ablation in LVAD Patients
David Callans, MD

Debate: Routine Use of Assist Devices During VT Ablation
Pro: Vivek Reddy, MD    Con: Roderick Tung, MD

Session VI

Ventricular Arrhythmias in Cardiac Sarcoid

Moderator: David Callans, MD

Imaging in Cardiac Sarcoid
Timm Dickfeld, MD, PhD

Risk Assessment and ICD Implantation
William Sauer, MD

VT Ablation in Patients with Cardiac Sarcoid
William Stevenson, MD

Indications for Immunosuppressive Therapy and Management
Frank Bogun, MD

Discussion: How Will We Achieve Consensus in Cardiac Sarcoid Therapy?

Session VIII

New Strategies for Ablation in Structural Heart Disease

Moderator: Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Impact of Epicardial Ablation for VT in Healed Infarction
Karl-Heinz Kuck, MD

VT Core Isolation
David Frankel, MD

Ablative Homogenization for Scar-VTs
Andrea Natale, MD

Utility of NIPS to Predict Risk of VT Recurrence
David Frankel, MD

Panel Discussion: Focused question: What Techniques are Still Limited and What Studies Should be Done?

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