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from 7th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias Pathophysiology & Therapy
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We are pleased to provide complimentary and unlimited access to the on-demand video library from 7th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias. The presentation format consists of synched audio and video, along with the presenters slides.

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Enjoy this web-based version of the 2012 symposium, which captures the live case, lectures, debates, and interactive panel discussions from the past symposium.

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Please Note: The videos from the 2012 symposium are not accredited for continuing medical education.

Autonomic Nervous System

Moderator: Vivek Reddy, MD

Autonomic Regulation of VT: Mechanistic Insights
Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD, FHRS

Videoscopic LCSD for Recurrent VT/VF
Michael Ackerman, MD, PhD

Right and Left Stellate Ganglia Blockage in VT Storm
Petr Neuzil, MD, PhD

Update on Spinal Cord Stimulation for VT/VF
Douglas Zipes, MD, FHRS

Should We Consider Renal Denervation for VT?
Vivek Reddy, MD

Panel Discussion

ICD Therapy

Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD

Our Guidelines, Our Colleagues, and Uncle Sam
Andrew Epstein, MD


The Subcutaneous ICD System Should be Used...

...For Most Primary Prevention ICD Patients
Michael Gold, MD, PhD

...Only for the Unusual Patients
Eric Prystowsky, MD, FHRS

Driving and Sports Restrictions for ICD Patients
Alfred Buxton, MD

Panel Discussion

VT in Structurally Normal Hearts

Moderator: Bruce Lerman, MD

Anatomy and ICE for Idiopathic VT Ablation
Fermin Garcia, MD

SOV VT: Mechanisms, Mapping and Ablation Approaches
David Wilber, MD, FHRS, CCDS

Papillary Muscle VT
Samuel Asirvatham, MD, FHRS, FACC

Panel Discussion

Novel Ablation Tools

Moderator: Francis Marchlinski, MD, FHRS

Needle Electrode Ablation: Pre-Clinical & Clinical Data
John Sapp, MD, FRCPC

Intracoronary Ethanol Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia: Is there a Current Role for an Old Technique?
G. Neal Kay, MD

Alcohol Injection: CS Venous Approach
Miguel Valderrabano, MD

Bipolar Catheter Ablation
Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Panel Discussion

This Year’s Most Unusual, Interesting, and/or Instructive VT Cases

Moderator: Hasan Garan, MD

Interesting Cases:  “RVOT VTs”
William Stevenson, MD

Ablation of PVCs Originating from the Anterior Interventricular Vein.
David Frankel, MD

Refractory Outflow Tract PVCs
Jacob Koruth, MD

Catheter Ablation of PVC
Hans Kottkamp, MD

Panel Discussion

VT in Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

Moderator: Vivek Reddy, MD

VT in Patients with Non-Ischemic Heart Disease
William Stevenson, MD

Septal VT in NICM – Substrate, RV to LV Conduction and Septal Compartmentalization
Francis Marchlinski, MD, FHRS

When Should we go Epicardial in NICMP?
Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Predicting Reversibility of Cardiomyopathy: VPD, ECG, Pacing and Unipolar EGMS
Francis Marchlinski, MD, FHRS

Panel Discussion


“Pre-Recorded” Live Case Presentation

Live Case - Mount Sinai Medical Center
Case Operators:  Vivek Reddy, MD & Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Moderator: Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

New Ablation Strategies for Scar-Related VT

Moderator: David Callans, MD, FHRS, CCDS

Endo-Epicardial Homogenization of the Scar
Andrea Natale, MD, FHRS, FACC, FESC

New Strategies for Scar Related VT: Elimination of LAVA.
Pierre Jais, MD

Late Potentials Abolition: An Effective Endpoint of VT Ablation
Paolo Della Bella, MD, FESC

Functional Pace-Mapping Responses for Ablation of Scar-Mediated Ventricular Tachycardia
Roderick Tung, MD

Panel Discussion


Moderator: Timm Dickfeld, MD

RIATA and DURATA: Facts and Myths
Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD, FHRS

MRI in ICD Patients
Henry Halperin, MD

ECG Imaging for Idiopathic VT Ablation
David Wilber, MD, FHRS, CCDS

Panel Discussion

Risk Stratification

Moderator: Anthony Gomes, MD

Risk Stratification in Patients with Brugada Syndrome
Eric Prystowsky, MD, FHRS

Douglas Packer, MD, FHRS

Risk Stratification of the Sarcoid Patient
Frank Bogun, MD

Panel Discussion

New Mapping and Ablation Systems

Moderator: Hans Kottkamp, MD

Rapid, Automated High-Resolution LV Scar Mapping
Hiroshi Nakagawa, MD, PhD

High Density Mapping and Ablation Facilitated By Magnetic Navigation
John Miller, MD

Combined Magnetic/Impedance Localization For VT Ablation
Gerhard Hindricks, MD, PhD

Advanced Energy Sources for VT Ablation
Douglas Packer, MD, FHRS

Panel Discussion

VT Trials

Moderator: Vivek Reddy, MD

New VT Trials: Updates and Critique
Vivek Reddy, MD

FDA Perspective on VT Trials
William Sanders, MD

Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation Trials: One View from Industry
Srijoy Mahapatra, MD

Panel Discussion

Hemodynamic Support

Moderator: Larry Chinitz, MD

Optimal Strategies for Monitoring during VT Ablation
David Callans, MD, FHRS, CCDS

What’s the Goal of PLVAD Support during VT Ablation?
Marc Miller, MD

Prospective Data for PLVAD Support
Vivek Reddy, MD

Panel Discussion

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