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from the 12th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias Pathophysiology & Therapy
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We are pleased to provide complimentary and unlimited access to the on-demand video library from the 12th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias. The presentation format consists of synched audio and video, along with the presenters slides.

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Enjoy this web-based version of the 2017 symposium, which captures the live case, lectures, debates, and interactive panel discussions from the past symposium.

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Opening Remarks

Francis Marchlinski, MD

Session I

How Things Work

Moderators: David Callans, MD; Vivek Reddy, MD

Mechanisms of Arrhythmias (new insights from basic science)
Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD

Biophysics of RF Ablation in Scarred Myocardium
David Haines, MD

How Does Electroporation Work and Purkinje Electroporation for VF?
Suraj Kapa, MD

How Does Defibrillation Work?
Charles Swerdlow, MD

Session II

Device Therapy

Moderators: Srinivas Dukkipati, MD; Robert Schaller, DO

Advising Physicians with NICM Patients after DANISH
Andrew Epstein, MD

Primary Prevention ICDs in Patients with EF ≥ 35%
Christine Albert, MD MPH

Evolving Role of S-ICD (Insights from the US Post Market Registry)
Michael Gold, MD, PhD

Why is the Subcutaneous ICD Underutilized?
Marc Miller, MD

His Bundle Pacing for Cardiomyopathy Patients: An Alternative to CRT?
Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD


Session III

Mapping and Ablation of VT

Moderators: William Stevenson, MD;
Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Complete Epi-Endo Circuit Delineation of Human VT
Roderick Tung, MD

Conduction Velocity Gradients and Curvature for Isthmus Identification
Elad Anter, MD

Relevance of Sinus Rhythm Electrogram Abnormalities to VT Circuit
Paolo Della Bella, MD

Peri-aortic Reentrant VT
Usha Tedrow, MD, MS

Novel Ablation Approaches for VT
Jacob Koruth, MD


Live Cases

Moderators: Francis Marchlinski, MD On Site; David Callans, MD – Hospital University of Pennsylvania
Operators: Fermin Garcia, MD/ Jeffrey Arkles, MD; Gregory Supple, MD/ David Lin, MD; Pasquale Santangeli, MD PhD/ Ramanan Kumareswaran, MD
Panel: David Wilber, MD; William Stevenson, MD; Paolo Della Bella, MD; Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD PhD; Vivek Reddy, MD; John Miller, MD; Pierre Jais, MD

Session IV

Antiarrhythmic Drug Treatment of VT

Moderators: Vivek Reddy, MD; Larry Chinitz, MD

Adenosine: New Insights Into VT Mechanisms
Bruce Lerman, MD

Antiarrhythmic Drugs Should Play a Role in VT Management Post Ablation
Peter Kowey, MD

Antiarrhythmic Drugs Should be Discontinued After Ablation
Andrea Natale, MD

Antiarrhythmic Drugs for Termination of VT
Jesus Almendral, MD, PhD

Flecainide Therapy for PVC-Related Cardiomyopathy
David Frankel, MD


Session V

Recognition, Prevention and Management of VT Ablation Complications

Moderators: David Callans MD; Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Prevention of Damage to the Coronary Arteries and Pericardial Adhesion Formation
Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD

Management of Anticoagulation Issues and Bleeding
William Stevenson, MD

Identifying Risk and Management of Acute Hemodynamic Decompensation
Pasquale Santangeli, MD, PhD

Best Techniques for Preventing Phrenic Nerve Injury and Esophageal Damage
Vivek Reddy, MD


Session VI

Mapping and Ablation of VF

Moderatords: John Miller, MD and Francis Marchlinski, MD

Debate: The Best Way to Treat Brugada Syndrome Patient Is…

- Substrate: Ablation:  Carlo Pappone, MD

- Quinidine:  Sami Viskin, MD

- Rebutal:  Carlo Pappone, MD and Sami Viskin, MD

Mapping and Substrate Ablation for VF in Other Conditions: New Observations
Pierre Jais, MD

Ablation of Triggers for VF
Fermin Garcia, MD



Session VII


Moderators: Pierre Jais, MD and Frank Bogun, MD

Imaging for Risk Stratification for Mild-Moderate LV Dysfunction in NICM
Sanjay Prasad, MD

Imaging to Identify the VT Circuit

- in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy:
Saman Nazarian, MD

- in Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy:
Katja Zeppenfeld, MD

Functional Scar Imaging
Timm Dickfeld, MD, PhD

Real Time MR Guidance for Ablation Procedures
Henry Halperin, MD

LGE and 3D T1 Quantification to Identify Risk of PVC Cardiomyopathy
Federick T. Han, MD

CT Scan Isthmuses as an Imaging Target for VT Ablation
Pierre Jais, MD


Session VIII

Focus on ARVC

Moderators: Domenico Corrado, MD, PhD; Francis Marchlinski, MD

Use of Imaging in the Diagnosis/Follow-up of ARVC
David Bluemke, MD

New Insights from the Hopkins ARVC Registry
Hugh Calkins, MD

Does ARVC Always Progress? Adverse Remodeling versus More Scar
Francis Marchlinski, MD

SCD Risk Assessment: How Important is Genetic Testing?
Domenico Corrado, MD, PhD

Impact and Treatment of Tricuspid Regurgitation/RV Failure
Anjali Tiku Owens, MD


Session IX

Endpoints of Ablation of VT in Structural Heart Disease

Moderators: David Callans, MD; Vivek Reddy, MD

Relationship of Procedural Duration and Mortality
Marmar Vaseghi, MD

Scar Homogenization in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy: When to Stop Burning
Luigi di Biase, MD, PhD

Debate: Non-Inducibility is an Artificial Endpoint in VT Ablation

- Pro:  David Callans, MD

- Con:  Gerhard Hindricks, MD

Repeating Ablation: Timing/Outcome
Wendy Tzou, MD


First Annual Mark E. Josephson VT Innovation Award

Moderators: Francis Marchlinski, MD; David Callans, MD; Srinivas Dukkipati, MD; Vivek Reddy, MD; Andre d’Avila, MD, PhD
Award Presentation: Stephanie Josephson and Rachel Poisson

Session X

Clinical Trials Update

Moderators: David Callans, MD; Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Magnetic VT
J. David Burkhardt, MD

Needle Ablation for Refractory VT and Some Comments on VANISH 2
John Sapp, MD

What Trials Need to Get Done? – View From a Journal Editor and Busy Clinician
Eric Prystowsky, MD


Session XI

Bail Outs

Moderators: Andre d’Avila MD, PhD; David Callans, MD

Venous Mapping and Alcohol Ablation
Miguel Valderrabano, MD

Autonomic Modulation
Marmar Vaseghi, MD, MS

Timing of Advanced Heart Failure Therapies to Support VT Ablation
Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Surgical Ablation During LVAD Insertion
Sanjay Dixit, MD


Session XII

Idiopathic VT

Moderators: Vivek Reddy MD; Srinivas Dukkipati, MD

Anatomy/Ablation of LV Summit VT
Samuel Asirvatham, MD

ICE Imaging for Idiopathic VT
Mathew Hutchinson, MD

Mechanism of PVC-Induced Cardiomyopathy – New Insights
Edward Gerstenfeld, MD

Improving Outcome of Ablation for Papillary Muscle VT
Gregory Supple, MD


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