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from the 13th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias Pathophysiology & Therapy
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We are pleased to provide complimentary and unlimited access to the on-demand video library from the 13th Annual International Symposium on Ventricular Arrhythmias. The presentation format consists of synched audio and video, along with the presenters slides.

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Enjoy this web-based version of the 2018 symposium, which captures the live case, lectures, debates, and interactive panel discussions from the past symposium.

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Opening Remarks

Vivek Reddy

Session I

Device Therapy

Moderators: Eric Prystowsky and Laurence Epstein

Hemodynamic Effects of His-Bundle Pacing
Kenneth Ellenbogen

Wearable Cardioverter-Defibrillators:  Should Anyone Get One?
Andrew Epstein

The Role of Subcutaneous ICDs for ARVC
Hugh Calkins

Role of the SICD for Mainstream Primary Prevention - The UNTOUCHED Trial
Michael Gold

Debate: His-Bundle Pacing vs. CRT for Patients with LV Dysfunction and LBBB
- His-Bundle Pacing is a Reasonable Alternative to CRT
Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman
- CRT is Still the Gold Standard
Jeanne Poole


Session II

Substrate Imaging & Mapping

Moderators: Pierre Jais and Andre d’Avila

Virtual Heart Simulation to Predicting Optimal VT Ablation Targets
Natalia Trayanova

Structural and Functional Imaging of VT Substrate Using CMR
Timm Dickfeld

Image-Aided/Guided VT Substrate Ablation
Antonio Berruezo

Does Wall Thickness Influence Arrhythmogensis?
David Wilber


Session III

VT Mapping & Autonomics

Moderators: Francis Marchlinski and David Wilber

Neuromodulation of Ventricular Arrhythmias: An Overview
Marmar Vaseghi

Skin Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Clustering of Ventricular Arrhythmias
Peng-Sheng Chen

Trans-Tracheal Sympathetic Modulation of Refractory VT
Hari Tandri

3D Circuit Characterization of VT:  Deconstructing the Working Construct
Roderick Tung

High-Density Mapping of Diastolic Activity During VT: Channels or Rivers?
Paolo Della Bella


Live Cases

Moderator: Vivek Reddy
Operators: Srinivas Dukkipati, Jacob Koruth, Marc Miller, William Whang, Subbaro Choudry and Aamir Sofi
Panel: Andre d’Avila, David Wilber, Francis Marchlinski, Andrea Natale, William Stevenson and Pierre Jais

Session IV

How-to Map/Ablate LV Summit PVCs

Moderators: William Stevenson and Josef Kautzner

Comprehensive Mapping of the LV Summit: Understanding the Anatomy
Andre d’Avila

Coronary Venous Guidewire Mapping: Identifying Optimal Ablation Sites
Fermin Garcia

Coronary Venous Alcohol Ablation
Miguel Valderrabano

Septal VTs: Identifying and Targeting Intramural Substrate
David Callans

Irrigated Needle Ablation for Outflow-Tract PVCs
Srinivas Dukkipati


Session V

Risk Stratification & Sudden Cardiac Death

Moderators: David Callans and Christine Albert

The Future of Risk Stratification for Sudden Death: What Trials are Necessary and Practical?
Eric Prystowsky

Risk Stratification in Patients with ARVC: Who needs an ICD?
Hugh Calkins

Epicardial Ablation for Brugada Syndrome – When is it Appropriate?
Josep Brugada

Risk-Stratification for Sudden Death in Post-MI Patients Without Severe LV Dysfunction
Christine Albert

Risk Stratification in Arrhythmogenic Mitral ValveProlapse: Overview and Role of DE-MRI and PET-MRI
Marc Miller


Session VI

Non-invasive Cardiac Radiation Therapy for VT

Moderators: Francis Marchlinski and Andre d’Avila

Cardiac Radiobiology
Pamela Samson

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Refractory VT:  How-To Guide
Andrea Natale

Clinical Experience and the ENCORE-VT Trial
Phillip Cuculich

Ventricular Ablation Using High-Energy Heavy ION Beams
Amanda Deisher



Session VII

VT Ablation in Non-ischemic Substrates

Moderators: David Callans and Josep Brugada

Cardiac Sarcoidosis: Correlating Pre-procedural Imaging and Electroanatomic Substrate
Pasquale Santangeli

Lamin Cardiomyopathy
Usha Tedrow

ARVC:  Challenging Dogma
Francis Marchlinski

Intramyocardial RFA Using Intracoronary Wire Mapping
Kalyanam Shivkumar

Epicardial Ablation: When and How?
Andre d’Avila


Session VIII

VT Ablation in Ischemic Heart Disease

Moderators: Petr Neuzil and Wendy Tzou

Pace-Mapping to Unmask Post-MI VT Isthmus Sites for Non-inducibility
Christian DeChillou

A Novel Approach to Substrate Mapping: Results of a Prospective Study of Mapping During Sinus Rhythm to Identify the VT Isthmus
Elad Anter

Outcomes of the VANISH Substudies
John Sapp

Debate:  VT Non-inducibility is the Best Endpoint for Ablation of Post-MI VT
- Pro:  John Miller
- Con:  Andre Natale


Session IX

Idiopathic VT and VF

Moderators: Francis Marchlinski and Andrea Natale

Mechanistic Subtypes of Focal RV Tachycardia
Bruce Lerman

Mechanisms of PVC Induced Cardiomyopathy
Edward Gerstenfeld

Localization of Papillary Muscle PVC Foci: Tip or Base?
Josef Kautzner

Multisite Ablation to Abolish PVCs: When and How?
Luigi Di Biase

Does VT Ablation Impact VF?
Pierre Jais

Accuracy of ECGi for Mapping Ventricular Arrhythmias
Michel Haïssaguerre

Mapping and Ablation of VF Rotors
Michel Haïssaguerre


Second Annual Mark E. Josephson VT Innovation Award
Moderators: Vivek Reddy, Srinivas Dukkipati, Andre d’Avila, Francis Marchlinski, David Callans

Fellows Abstract Competition

Coronary Venous Mapping to Facilitate Substrate Characterization and Ablation of Intramural Septal Ventricular Arrhythmias: The 5th Dimension
David F. Briceño

Infarct-Related VT: The Effect of Slow Conduction During Sinus rhythm on VT Vulnerability, Circuit Dimension and Cycle Length
Markus Rottmann

Assessment of acute ablation lesion necrosis in scar and the healing process using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
Susumu Tao

Award Presentation

Session X

Novel Tools for VT Ablation

Moderators: Vivek Reddy and Srinivas Dukkipati

Novel Approaches to Optimizing RF Energy Delivery
William Sauer

Maximizing Ventricular Lesion Depth with Temperature-Controlled Irrigated Ablation
Elad Anter

A Novel Irrigated Expandable Lattice Electrode RF Ablation Catheter: Efficacy and Safety of Ventricular Ablation
Hiroshi Nakagawa

Surprises from Intramural Needle Ablation
William Stevenson

Is Bipolar Ablation Ready for Primetime?
Paolo Della Bella

Pre-Clinical Experience with Novel RF and Pulsed Field Electroporation Technologies for Ventricular Ablation
Jacob Koruth


Session XI

Heart Failure and VT

Moderators: Andre d’Avila and Luigi Di Biase

Ventricular Remodeling for Heart Failure
Vivek Reddy

Risk-Stratification for VT Ablation: Predicting Poor Outcomes
Pasquale Santangeli

Hemodynamic Support during VT Ablation: When & How?
Petr Neuzil

Treatment of VT in Class IV Heart Failure
Wendy Tzou

Intraprocedural Anesthesia and Monitoring
Benjamin Salter

Surgical VT Ablation During LVAD Implantation
Gregory Supple


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